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Tree Removal / Felling

We offer professional tree removal and felling service covering the whole of Redhill, Surrey and London. Tree removal and tree felling are tasks that require to be carried out by an experienced tree surgeon specialists. Tree Removal/ Felling is a job that could end in damage to your neighbour’s homes or even serious injuries to the general public if not completed safely by experienced tree surgeons

The bulk of trees normally removed actually require the method of removal in sections due to neighbouring properties and fencing. Once we have determined the best way to remove your tree we will then provide you with our action plan for safely removing your tree.

Pruning & Shaping

Hedges present an aesthetically charming boundary around a house, nevertheless with unexpected changes in weather they can turn to an uncontrollable state. Hedges don’t only grow in length; they also grow in diameter, indicating they can require a large area throughout your garden. The best way to manage this is by regular hedge trimming, Tree Line Servicing would advise approximately once a season, so at least four times a year.

Knowledge of the hedge in question presents a crucial part in the trimming, shaping or removal process. You cannot simply go chopping at a hedge, so therefore an expert is required. A professional tree surgeon who knows the type of hedge and the way it grows, a professional that provides a trimming, shaping and pruning service that will ensure your hedge or hedges health is not compromised.

Tree Line Servicing understand your hedge and will find the correct technique to bring it into a manageable state. We have all the relevant tools and equipment required to carry out a professional hedge trimming and hedge pruning service.

Tree Pruning And Shaping Redhill Surrey
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General Gardening

Looking around for a trusted local gardeners Redhill, Surrey. Tree Line Servicing recognise that your property is a significant investment, and we want our clients to understand that we are there for them to support them achieve the dreams that they may have for there home. From one-off to regular garden maintenance across Redhill, Surrey and  London to main a stunning look all year round, our professional gardening team can help you.

Jet Washing

Our pressure jet washing service across Redhill, Surrey and London can thoroughly clean and restore your existing garden patio or driveway back to its previous glory. We use the best equipment, expert and professional cleaning products and our knowledge and expertise to remove all kinds of stubborn stains such as green and black algae, mildew, lichen (white & black spots), moss, dirt and traffic pollution.

Common Stains We Remove:

  • Oil Stains
  • Brake Fluid
  • BBQ Fat
  • Food and Drink Spillages
  • Paint
  • Graffiti
  • Chewing Gum
Pressure Jet Washing Redhill Surrey